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Free PDF: the Symbolic underpinnings of astrology

This is the pre-read to the Being course, and it explains why we associate traits and characteristics with the 12 signs of the Zodiac. It’s a nondual take: we start with conceiving of oneness splitting into the active and receptive primal forces, flow down to the four elements, and from there into the 12 signs. Then we pepper in the influence of the 7 traditional sign rulers, as pictured.


Free PDF: Astrology Symbols Guide

I give this to all of my clients before a reading so that they can look up what the symbols in their chart mean, and now it can be yours! For free!

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Free Course (with code): Understanding Your Moon Sign

The Moon is one of the most important indicators of personality in our chart: it tells us about our emotional regulation style. Understanding Your Moon Sign will walk you through how to find your Moon sign and understand what it means about who you are, and it will help you to use that understanding for better self-care.