About New Moon

New Moon helps people connect to their deepest inner wisdom. We can call this wisdom by a lot of names: the unconscious, the soul, the spirit, or the heart. 

Whatever you call it--you have it. 

Our inner wisdom is connected to our need for story, meaning, and purpose, and it is a powerful force. When we ignore it or push it aside, we can't be fully honest with ourselves. Our lives feel narrow and cramped. We remain trapped in the same struggles. We wonder what the point is.

We believe that creating intentional relationship with this inner wisdom can open up space and possibility. This requires a symbolic language and we use the Tarot to engage it.

Inner Work, Liberation And Social Justice

Part of the importance of this work for us is that we know inner work is a path to social justice.  Our tenderness and consciousness impact the people around us, which in turn impacts the people around them. Healing is infectious.

People who suffer under institutionalized oppression can also find liberation through inner work. It may take beyond the span of our lives to transform many of these structures, but we can still find liberation when we connect to our inner wisdom.

About Eva and Laura

Eva and Laura are best friends whose lives have been linked for a long time. We have grown personally and spiritually together, and we started New Moon to share our beliefs on the power of engaging inner wisdom with intention.

We met in 2007, when Laura moved to Buffalo from Atlanta. We soon discovered that we had lived off the same road in Georgia as children.

Eva is New Moon's Tarot expert and Tarot Reader. The style that she taught Laura--and that she teaches in our Tarot workshops--has been developed over years of work with the cards.

Laura is New Moon's Astrologer, and she handles the website.