New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries, April 5, 4:50 A.M.

Between going retrograde and conjuncting Neptune, Mercury in Pisces has really been knocking us around for the last month. We have felt confused, dreamy, and SAD. We’re not out of the woods yet, but the new moon in Aries is the first new moon of the astrological year, and it brings us back to the concepts of spring and new life. It’s a great time to set intention around what you want to grow this year.

We got into this a bit in our story, but to elaborate: 2019 is a Capricorn/Saturn defined year. We are tearing down what doesn’t work, releasing old patterns and old pain, and building a new foundation for a structure that can last. Aries season, and this Aries new moon, are creating friction with that theme. Aries wants us to get moving, and that is not necessarily in harmony with the slow and steady rebuilding we need to be doing.

If you have a lot of Cardinal sign energy in your chart--that’s Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn--you’re going to feel this conflict more, because these energies are squaring off against the energies in your own life.

I’d like to strongly recommend that everybody do a little spring cleaning today--clear out the old gunk from the last cycle and make room for new energy. This Pisces stuff has been really intense.

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