New Moon in Aquarius

New Moon in Aquarius, February 4, 4:04 p.m.

It’s been a rough trip through the Capricorn Moon cycle! Saturn’s influence is and has been extremely heavy all through January, making us very aware of what we need to face into and deal with--the structure and security and responsibility we need in our lives (and maybe haven’t been doing very well with). The general winter blahs aren’t helping with all this Saturn stuff.

The difficult news is: Aquarius is still a Saturn-ruled sign, and we still need to deal with these heavy themes of structure and responsibility through this month.

The good news is: this Aquarius Moon is bringing us some new, revolutionary energy. Plus, with Venus having just entered Saturn-ruled Capricorn, we have a shot at really enjoying some of the structure and stability we are being asked to start building for ourselves right now.

Aquarius is at its best when it can join its restless, independent energy with mature, responsible planning. This new moon is a good opportunity to set an intention around how you might do that.