New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus, May 4, 2019 at 6:45 p.m.

Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius, May 5
Mercury moves into Taurus, May 6
Venus moves into Taurus, May 15
Mars moves into Cancer, May 15

The Capricorn eclipse cycle that defines 2019 points to a theme of tearing down what doesn’t work and building a new structure that can last. The restless Aries energy of last month got us rolling with a demolition of old structures. We have been swinging the sledgehammer, letting go of outdated ways of thinking, releasing old habits that hold us back, and saying goodbye to past definitions of ourselves that no longer fit.

Often, WE built the structures we now have to tear down. We wanted and needed them once. We even loved them. So the demolition we’ve been undertaking, while necessary, has required that we grieve for the parts of ourselves we now have to release.

As we move into the lunar cycle of Taurus--the Builder of the Zodiac--we have a moment to stop the demolition, take a look around at the space we have cleared, and start thinking about what new things we are going to build here. Give yourself space to do that at the new moon on Saturday if you can, because it is only a moment: Uranus in Taurus means that we should expect this month to contain some sinkholes, some earthquakes, and some landslides. What you haven’t cleared yet will have an opportunity to get shaken loose this month. 

And that’s great! Because we are undertaking the work of constructing a new reality, and we need a clear space.

The Mars-Jupiter opposition on the 5th will light up our intellect and our sense of adventure. We’re going to need to make a play, and we’re going to have some luck in doing that. Stay connected to your patience and humility, but take your shot when you know it’s time.

Taurus the Builder is also a Lover, an Empress, a Creator. She walks in her garden, delighting in what has grown there, appreciating everything. She might find some things that surprise her in the garden this month, but her gratitude for all experience is one of her best traits. As Mercury and Venus join the Sun in Taurus later in the cycle (on the 6th and 15th), our sense of delight and pleasure in what we are creating can grow exponentially.