Solar Eclipse in Capricorn

Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, January 5, 2019, 8:28 p.m.

The solar eclipse on January 5 is the first of three eclipses in Capricorn in 2019 that will define our year. Specifically, these eclipses are bringing themes of tearing down what no longer serves us, and building the foundation for something that can last.

This first eclipse tonight is super-charged new moon in Capricorn. With any eclipse, we need to be willing to cross a threshold. Solar eclipses are a kind of portal, and tonight is a good opportunity to cross with intention.

Because this eclipse and Saturn are opposing the North Node in Cancer, we are collectively experiencing a tension between our need to know what the rules are (“this is good and this is bad.” “this is what we accept, and this is what we do not accept.”), and the karmic demand that we learn to love and nurture ourselves and others. We’re feeling some irritation as we try to choose between our sense of what we and others should be doing to take care of ourselves and our need to love with our whole hearts. 

It might help us to remember that in the final assessment, these are two sides of the same coin. To love well, we need to set limits. To set limits well, we need to be centered in our love.

For friends experiencing their Saturn returns right now, these Capricorn eclipses and their sister lunar eclipse that will happen in July are some of the most important events that will occur during Saturn in Capricorn. You all are working through generationally important lessons for all of us right now and may we all send you the massive love and appreciation you deserve for doing this work.

Here’s to crossing the portal!