Scorpio Full Moon

We have learned all kinds of things about our boundaries and our love and our rage with this full Moon. Specifically, we may have learned that the Scorpionic tendency to sort the world into what we passionately love and what we passionately hate--”good” and “evil”-- is delicious and sensational but can also (perhaps! sometimes!) be an unnecessary waste of our energy. We are allowed to love our loves and hate our hates, but maybe in the final assessment, it's a bit of a game we're playing with ourselves.⠀

That new structure we need to build in our lives is coming into focus though! It’s all pretty mysterious, the way our friendships and our intimacies and our families can all end up tying into the progress of something else--a project, a career move--that feels like it should be completely separate. ⠀

The Scorpio full moon is really about accepting and embracing the mysteries the Universe has to give us. We need to hand ourselves over to those mysteries, give ourselves up to them, and recognize that if we can stop struggling to get control, it honestly feels GREAT to be led into what we need instead of having to decide what it is.⠀

Enjoy the last few days of Taurus season, and HAPPY FULL MOON!⠀⠀

(This is a public domain image of sulfur droplets forming after an underwater volcano erupts--very Scorpio)