Keeping our balance with Jupiter and Saturn

The opposition between Mars & Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn is creating big emotion and attracting a lot of our attention this week. But I’d like to point to another theme that has been unfolding: the fact that this year has been characterized by constant evolution. We’re growing and changing at a much faster pace than we are used to.

This is one of the gifts of Jupiter in Sagittarius (Nov 8, 2018-Dec 2, 2019): we’re spiritually expanding, seeking out new insight and incorporating it rapidly. Meanwhile, Saturn in Capricorn (Dec 19, 2017-Dec 17, 2020) requires that we stay firmly connected to material reality: do our work, see our responsibility, achieve what we set out to achieve. Each of these planets is at its strongest, because they are in their home signs (we call it the “domicile”). Jupiter wants us to celebrate life and understand that there is spiritual truth beyond what we can touch and see; Saturn wants us to stay grounded and serious and focused on what we can touch and see.

And the North Node--which is a kind of advice card of the cosmos--is in Cancer. It’s telling us to keep coming back to the truth of our feelings, and to loving ourselves well.

Last night at our first Saturn in Capricorn meeting, we pulled a tarot card that represented Saturn in Capricorn for us, and I pulled the Two of Pentacles. Other people pointed out that there’s something about that card that really resonates right now--the idea of keeping things in balance, of juggling, or of walking a tightrope. I think that’s because these two massive forces are pulling us in pretty different directions, and we don’t have the option of choosing one. There are so many gifts in this particular configuration of the planets, but there’s also a lot of skill required in walking between them.

The full moon in Sagittarius next Monday will point us back to this theme of constant growth!