Gemini New Moon

Gemini New Moon, June 3, 2019

How can you tap into your instinct and skillfully express what you know to be true?  The new moon in Gemini today (boosted by Mercury in Gemini through tomorrow afternoon) is a time to set intentions around how you find and tell your truth.

Gemini’s duality can be understood as the two sides of the self that need to be accessed to express a truth: instinct, which tells us what must be expressed, and intellect, which gives us the tools to skillfully express it. Where Geminis get into trouble (and where all the memes about Geminis lying come from) is when they skillfully express a truth that is much too partial. That is otherwise known as lying. But when it levels up a bit--when it goes broader and deeper--the same thing that makes Gemini excellent at lying is what makes it excellent at expressing the truth and beauty of human existence. That’s why so many of our favorite musicians and writers and artists are Geminis. They EXPRESS as a fundamental drive. They tell us stories, and we understand something about ourselves and the world.

We’re going to be feeling more tension between our heads and our hearts as we shift into Cancer season over the next few weeks: Mercury moves into Cancer tomorrow, June 4, and our thoughts will start moving toward our feelings and how we need to take care of ourselves and others. Venus moves into Gemini on Friday, June 8 (she’ll be there through July 3), so our ways of connecting to others will still be airy and light, even as our thoughts and passions start shifting toward the deeply emotional.

This is all setting us up for a BIG Cancer season. Arguably, everything we’ve been learning this year is pointing us toward the Cancer themes we’re going to be uncovering.

Happy New Moon!!!