Looking forward to Cancer eclipse season

After a couple of days of Mercury in Cancer, I have some INSIGHTS to share about the upcoming eclipse season.⠀

Honestly: I am a procrastinating astrologer. I am usually more moved by the story the planets are telling once I actually start to feel it, and that’s when I want to write about it. If I wasn’t working with a lot of people with Saturn in Capricorn this year--which has required me to look closely at the story that is unfolding in Capricorn--I would be humming along answering specific questions and teaching people how to read their birth charts without much of a unified concept of what we are doing collectively.⠀

So while I've known all year that the Cancer eclipse season we have coming up is important, I’m only now uncovering how HEART-WRENCHINGLY BEAUTIFUL it is.⠀

This year, we have hungered to build a structure in our lives that can last. We have re-evaluated our relationships and our career plans and our day-to-day habits, our ways of relating to creativity, our sense of our own identity, and we’ve asked ourselves: what order can I bring to this? What is my responsibility here? How do I build what I need in a SOLID way that I’m not going to have to take down and rebuild next year? ⠀

In other words, regardless of our goals, we’ve been falling back into Capricorn ways of handling the problem: hard work. Responsibility. Achieving what we set out to achieve.⠀

What Cancer season is bringing us is THIS glorious insight: ⠀

What we need to do, if we want those new things in our lives that we yearn for, is to fill ourselves with a love that nourishes and supports what it touches, within and without.⠀


There’s a lot more to this story, and I’ll be posting more about it, but Mercury moving into Cancer has really allowed me to get this and I wanted to share it with you. ⠀

(btw, we still have a spot left in our Saturn in Capricorn workshop that starts next Monday! Email me if you’re interested in joining.)⠀

Image credit: Rahul Jain @ Unsplash