Free online course: Understanding your Moon Sign

The Moon is one of the most important indicators of personality in our chart: it tells us about our emotional regulation style. Understanding Your Moon Sign will walk you through how to find your Moon sign and understand what it means about who you are, and it will help you to use that understanding for better self-care.

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Being: A Course To Develop an Intimate Understanding of your journey through astrology and tarot (In person)

Being is a live course, taught in three segments, that will teach you how to read your birth chart and understand each planet’s role in your story.

We are now enrolling students for Series 3: Jupiter, Saturn, and the Generational Planets.

We will relaunch soon with a slightly different course structure for those who are interested in starting from the beginning, so stay tuned!

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Coming Soon! Reading Your Birth Chart: Sun, Moon, and Rising

The online version of our Being course will soon be available! In this course, you’ll learn about each of the Zodiac signs and how we derive their meaning, how to read your birth chart, and what your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs say about your personality.