Being: Saturn Return Workshop

If you were born between 1988 and 1991, you are likely going through your first Saturn return right now*. Saturn return happens about every 28 years, and it's when we REALLY come into our adulthood. It's an intense and difficult time, but if we meet it well, we come out on the other end of it free of some of the burdens we've carried since childhood.

To that end, we are hosting a Saturn return workshop every other Monday evening through June and July, starting June 10! With the upcoming eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn, June and July are likely to be some of the most intense (and spiritually fruitful!) months in 2019. People with Saturn in Capricorn are going to be uncovering a lot about what their Saturn return journey has been teaching them.

This will probably be MOST useful for people with Saturn in Capricorn, but it will work for you no matter where your Saturn is--as long as you're interested in learning about it!

First Session, June 10: Saturn, the Saturn-Ruled signs, and themes of Saturn Return

Second Session, June 24: Chiron and the North Node in Cancer; Cancer themes during Saturn in Capricorn

Third Session, July 8: YOUR Saturn. A workshop session to uncover the specific themes of our own Saturn placements

Fourth Session, July 22: Other planetary themes in the Saturn in Capricorn Saturn transit: Jupiter and the outer planets (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto)⠀

*People going through their first Saturn return have birthdays between Feb 13-Jun 9 1988 and between Nov 11, 1988-Feb 6, 1991.

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