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BEING Series 1: First Class Meet-Up

This class is full.

The first part of our series will give you seven weeks of deep insight into the most essential parts of your character, nature, and purpose, as well as the tools for understanding how to read your chart. We will meet on Monday evenings four times during the cycle for an in-person class and discussion. Every week, we will send you a lesson on the elements of your chart that most personally describe who you are. These are the building blocks of astrology, and you’ll be learning the most critical energies of your birth chart as we move through the lessons.

  • The Sun: Your ego nature

  • The Moon: Your emotional regulation style

  • The Ascendant: How others perceive you, and the planetary energy that rules your chart

We'll do custom tarot spreads and explore the tarot throughout the class as a tool to dig deeper into our understanding of ourselves and our journey.

Plus, you'll get exclusive access to our Facebook group, and $25 off individual tarot and astrology readings while you're in the class!

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